Social Security numbers?

[title size="2"]Why does SGL ask exhibitors for social security numbers? [/title]   We ask for social security numbers based on [...]

Social Security numbers?2015-07-17T14:18:56+00:00

Error messages

[title size="2"]Getting an error message?[/title] Save all work and quit out of ALL CLients.  Quit and restart the server. If [...]

Error messages2015-07-17T13:49:56+00:00

Locked Out of a Record?

[title size="2"]Locked Records[/title] Locked records occur when someone else is modifying the record. Getting locked out of a record when [...]

Locked Out of a Record?2014-05-05T18:33:59+00:00

Managing Multiple Data Files

Some customers use ShowGrounds for multiple show companies.  In this case the shows are most often segmented from one another [...]

Managing Multiple Data Files2012-10-16T19:47:39+00:00

Verify New Show to Get Them ONLINE

We have instituted a change that requires users to confirm their show setup PRIOR to the show being available on [...]

Verify New Show to Get Them ONLINE2012-08-20T15:50:27+00:00

Entering SecureNet Settings into ShowGrounds

Setting Up ShowGrounds with SecureNet Payment Gateway ShowGrounds provides integration with a number of Credit Card Gateway providers. In order [...]

Entering SecureNet Settings into ShowGrounds2012-04-18T18:48:47+00:00

Group Permissions

In ShowGrounds, we use a system of Users and Groups and Permissions to determine what different users in the system [...]

Group Permissions2012-03-26T16:10:20+00:00
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