The Equine Canada Membership verification feature provides automatic and pro-active membership verification for your show participants.

Setting up the membership verification is relatively simple.

Set your show to require EC Membership & Membership Level – When setting up your show make sure to set Equine Canada as the governing organization for your event.  You can also set the required Membership Level for the event.

While Adding Entries pay attention to EC Membership status – During data entry you will get a real time indication of whether a Rider Owner or Trainer has a current EC Membership .  Invalid Memberships will Appear in Red while valid will appear in Green

When needed you can over-ride membership status – For instance if the person Joined at Show or paid to upgrade their membership you can over-ride the current membership status for ONLY the current show.  This means this person will return to their normal membership status at the next show.  To over-ride simple double click on the “EC” in the membership row on the Entry or on the RTO.

NOTE – We do not manage charging an additional fees for non-members or upgraded membership levels.  However by checking of the “Non-membership fee paid” or “Upgrade Fee Paid” report, we will later be able to provide a concise report on the non-member fees charged or upgrades charged.