How to Create an Online Entry

    1. If you do not have a ShowGrounds Login, either visit the homepage, or select REGISTER at [...]

How to Create an Online Entry2019-08-19T18:12:54+00:00

Social Security numbers?

[title size="2"]Why does SGL ask exhibitors for social security numbers? [/title]   We ask for social security numbers based on [...]

Social Security numbers?2015-07-17T14:18:56+00:00

Helping users online at SGL

[title size="2"]How can I direct an exhibitor to print out their Account Summary via [/title] Have the exhibitor log [...]

Helping users online at SGL2015-07-17T14:15:52+00:00

Fixing Classes

[title size="2"]Why are my classes out of order online when I go to Schedule?[/title]   This is a little glitch [...]

Fixing Classes2015-07-17T14:11:47+00:00

Fixing Fees

[title size="2"]Why is a fee being charged online when I wanted to charge it after the Show? [/title]   To [...]

Fixing Fees2015-07-17T14:06:57+00:00

Prize Money Templates

[title size="2"]Making the Template[/title]   You can create and apply templates for prize money!   Go to Classes > Wheel [...]

Prize Money Templates2015-07-17T14:03:50+00:00

Creating a Template Show

[title size="2"]Making a Template[/title]   Create a new show and set it up as a demo show (they only allow [...]

Creating a Template Show2015-07-17T14:01:18+00:00

Hiding Reports You Don’t Need

[title size="2"]How to Hide Reports[/title]   Open the report that you don’t want to use and select the Hide Report [...]

Hiding Reports You Don’t Need2015-07-17T13:58:05+00:00

Can’t Find an Updated Report?

[title size="2"]How to Update Reports[/title]   To do this, go to the Reports area, then click on the wheel. Select [...]

Can’t Find an Updated Report?2015-07-17T13:55:55+00:00
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