Robust Targeted Communication with your customers

Staying in touch with your customers in todays world is critically important.  Whether it’s updating about schedule changes or relaying critical health and safety information, you need to be able to reach your exhibitors quickly and easily.

ShowGrounds has built communication tools to allow you to quickly and efficiently deliver information by Email or Text message.  Emails support basically templating features so your messages are clearly branded from your organization.  Emails are delivered from YOUR domain not ours and our tools are designed to reduce the likelihood of ending up in their SPAM folder.  We even support re-usable templates you design.

Often email is just not fast enough which is why our SMS feature may be the go to tool when you need a message to get out quickly.  We have extremely competitive pricing for SMS messages with a pay for what you use approach.


Base Cost - $49

Each show company has a unique phone number assigned which you can choose. Your messages will be sent from a local number associated with your location
  • This cost is charged annually to maintain your phone number

Texting Tokens - $199 for 10,000

Customers purchase texting "tokens" . When sending Regular SMS messages each message will use a single token. MMS messages will use 2 tokens each.
  • In order to purchase messages, you must have already purchased a phone number
  • Each account receives 500 free tokens upon signing up
  • Tokens never expire
  • No monthly charge, pay for what you use