In ShowGrounds, we use a system of Users and Groups and Permissions to determine what different users in the system can do.

Currently we rely on a fixed list of “Groups” to mamanage users.  In other words you put users in different Groups depending on what you’d like them to be able to do in the system.

Here are the two standard User Groups and what permissions they have by default.  Changes can be made to these permissions by request to our administrative team.

Permissions are broken into two categories.

  1. Module Permissions
  2. Special Permissions/Priveleges

The module permissions control which parts of the system a group of users have and what lever of permission they have to that module.

Module Permissions

  1. Delete – Can add, modify and delete records from the module.
  2. Read/Write – Can add and modify records.  Can not remove existing ones
  3. Read Only – Can view data in a module but can’t change it.
  4. None – Can not access the module at all.
Special Privileges
  1. Edit Security Settings – Controls which users can access users/groups
  2. Use ApplyToSelection  – This controls access to  a powerful find and replace feature.
  3. Supersede Ownership_of_Groups – Not currently used
  4. Supersede Ownership_of_records – Not currently used
  5. Change RecordOwnership  – Not currently used
  6. print ReprintPrizeMoneyChecks – Controls which users can reprint prize money checks that have already been printed.
  7. verify Payments – Controls which users can check off the verified check box in payments module.  This is presumed to be an accounting function.
  8. can TransferBalances – Only users with this permission can transfer balances from past entries to current ones using the “Balance Roll Forward” feature.
  9. can AutoVerifyResutls – There are some classes where the auto verification process is not needed.  This permission provides a single click button to users to skip the process and auto-verify the entries.
  10. Can View Sync Status – Controls if the user can see the current sync status to
  11. Can ScratchEntry – Controls if the Scratch Entry button will be available on entries.
  12. Delete Fees from Entries – Controls if users can remove fees from an entry once they are added.
  13. Delete Payments from Entries – Controls if users can remove payments posted to entries.

Administrators (Default admin group) – Module Permissions

Administrators (Default admin group) – Special Permissions

Secretaries (Default secretary group) – Module Permissions

Secretaries (Default admin group) – Special Permissions