How to Create an Online Entry

    1. If you do not have a ShowGrounds Login, either visit the ShowGroundsLive.com homepage, or select REGISTER at [...]

How to Create an Online Entry2019-08-19T18:12:54+00:00

Editing Results

How to edit results: 1. From the Classes window: Open up the class you wish to edit results for 2. [...]

Editing Results2014-08-15T15:04:47+00:00

Printing an Invoice

To print an invoice: **First, to set a default invoice, go to: Admin > Edit System Preferences > and select [...]

Printing an Invoice2014-07-04T14:11:46+00:00

Account Register

September 18-2012 Introduction The Account Register is a new mechanism in ShowGrounds that allows us to provide more flexible accounting [...]

Account Register2012-12-20T18:56:44+00:00

View Payment Details From Entry

You can now Double Click a Payment Record in the list of payments on an entry to view details about [...]

View Payment Details From Entry2012-04-23T17:56:25+00:00
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