The simple scheduler is a tool that allows the horse show to share estimated class times on the web based on numbers of horses in classes and other customizable settings. These times will update regularly in real time on the web as horses are added or dropped. Once the horse show begins, actual times are made available immediately to exhibitors on the web  as the announcer, in-gate person or manager ticks off rounds as they go in the announcer interface (on the wheel in the class window under the in-gate and announce tab).

Setting up the Simple Scheduler:

1. Open the Simple Scheduler by selecting the Class module on the Navigation Palette. Under the wheel, select Simple Scheduler. You will see this screen:

Simple Scheduler, set-up tab. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)


2. If it is a multi ring, multi day horse show, select the ring and day you wish to schedule. Begin by selecting the planned start-up time for the ring. Then begin adding classes in the order they appear on the time schedule. Simply type in the class number and how many minutes per trip you estimate each course will take to complete if it is a jumping class. If a flat or Under Saddle class, click the “trips go all at once” and estimate the amount of time the class will take to complete. If it is a group of the same classes (multiple jumping classes all the same class), put all of the class numbers together in the classes box, separated by commas. The name of the class will auto fill. If you need “padding” of times, you can put some time into the “class set up time” box. Once it is ready to insert, click the ADD button. This will put the classes into the schedule above. When complete, the window will look something like this:

Simple Scheduler completed. Note class groups separated by commas. (CLICK TO ENLARGE).