Release Notes July 31 2013

Release Notes

Summer shows are whizzing by and ShowGrounds is right there with you — working to make your software more efficient, effective, and easy to use! Here are the latest updates. You should now be operating on v.4.01.41.

New Features

Stabling by Trainer report

We’ve developed an excellent new report: Stabling by Trainer — with detail. This provides an overview of all the stabling products purchased by each entry. It prints one page per trainer and operates on the selection of entries.
Go to Print>Stabling by Trainer — with detail in Entries

Supply reports

We now offer the ability to report your supply delivery based on the category of the fee. For instance, you can set up “Feed,” “Hay,” and “Bedding” as separate categories. On a related note, print-outs now include rider and trainer information.

Go to Print> Feed Delivery By Category>

Please let us know as you navigate through any of your reports if there are feature enhancements that you would like us to implement.

Logging more history, and payments

For “change history” for any type of add/drop, we now log changes made from the app, online at, as well as the Rapid Add/Drop Tool and the Entry Add/drop tool.

We set up an alert if a user tries to “overpay” for an entry. The user CAN continue through the process, and their account will show a credit balance.

Small Issues

1) Importing Shows – There were several minor issues with importing shows that resulted in information from the previous show being retained. For instance information about classes having been scheduled or other information. We’ve identified several items and fixed them including class schedule data, class size, verified status, etc.
2) Removed old item (“Combine multi-horse entries”) from Entries quick actions.

Water and drags

For our fantastic customers at Thunderbird Show Park (and others who use our online class signup feature), we have provided a way for the show companies to reserve a block of time for water and drags. When a designated “admin” logs in to and clicks on Class Sign Up, there is an “Admin Change” link that allows the show company to block off time for water and drags. This is especially useful in classes with 50-plus trips.

Live! Jumper classes

What do competitors view most on Schedules and class details! So we recently added the “Live” badge for Jumper classes to better serve our users. Class details have a nice, new look in our website redesign as well. See below.

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

Below are a list of small changes made in the system.

  1. Fixed a few small bugs with the online add/drop feature, the browser “back” button, and online payments.
  2. Fixed a little bug with the in-gate tool when users unchecked the first trip on a stagger list.
  3. Enabled more than one rider to be listed when choosing a prize recipient. (Go to Entries>Classes>Prize Money Recipient.)
  4. Enabled the ALT key when printing a show statement from an entry screen.
  5. Fixed a bug when users searched for a horse by name when adding an entry.
  6. Changed a setting so that when a class is cancelled, it is logged in the class history.
  7. Adjusted a feature that handles USEF lookups to calculate a horse’s age.
  8. Fixed an iOS app bug so logins can be saved.
  9. Fine-tuned our ability to support the countdown timer before the real-time start during jumper classes.
  10. Manually updated our customers’ plug-ins that didn’t automatically update to support Excel exports.
  11. Created a way to update the schedule data prior to printing any schedule reports.