We have a powerful new feature that allows nomination fees to be charged and managed based on the ring an entry is showing in.  Using this feature you can charge the customer the highest cost nomination fee that applies based on their classes.

Take this example

  1. Ring A – $50 nomination fee
  2. Ring B – $75 nomination fee
  3. Ring C – $100 nomination fee

On the first day of the show a particular entry is only in classes that are scheduled for Ring A.  At that time they should have the $50 nomination fee.

On the second day they enter a class that is in Ring B.  At that point the system will remove the $50 nomination fee for Ring A and add a $75 fee for Ring B.  Likewise if they entered then into classes for Ring C, the fee would be changed to the $100 fee.  It will also handle this in reverse, lowering the fee if classes are dropped for more expensive rings.

To set this up follow these steps.

  1. Create Master Fees for Each Nomination Fee – Master fees are discussed here. The process is like the process of adding regular fees, except master fees span all shows, not just a single show.
  2. Create or edit your nomination fees in the show where this pricing will be used.  Be sure to set the correct “Master” fee for each of your nomination fees.  Be sure to set the correct pricing for this show as well.
  3. Create or edit a class rule for each of your rings – You’ll make the type of rule “Show Nomination” but set the fee to be the correct fee for the particular ring. For instance the rule might be called “Ring A Nomination Fee” and the fee would be “Ring A Fee” or similar.
  4. Assign the correct rule to the classes for that ring. – For instance classes that are in Ring A that should trigger the fee being added (presumably ALL classes of the ring) would have the “Ring A Nomination” fee rule added.

Now when classes are added to an entry the correct nomination fee should be set based on their classes.