[title size=”1″]Release Notes December 2013[/title]

Happy New Year! The following notes cover updates through the end of 2013 and our software version 4.01.65.

[title size=”2″]On-site WEF staffer Amelia Stasny[/title]

ShowGrounds is pleased to introduce Amelia Stasny at WEF 2014. Amelia is a welcome addition to ShowGrounds and ESP, and will be on site to help address new changes to in-gate and announcer tools as well as handle general software and customer support. She can be reached in the show office or by e-mail at astasny@showgroundsonline.com. Amelia hails from ShowGround’s home base in Western Massachusetts and is an accomplished rider and instructor with a cheerful disposition. She has a BA in Communications from Roger-Williams University in Rhode Island and will be living in Wellington through WEF 12. Please give her a warm hello!

[title size=”2″]New Credit Hold Feature[/title]

ShowGrounds has instituted a new option where a rider, trainer, or owner can be put on credit hold. This allows the office staff to control an account until the person is taken off credit hold, or pays their bill. If the person attempts to make a new entry online, they will not be able to finish the process and will be alerted to the status of their account until payment has been received. Show companies can decided whether or not to use the credit hold option, but we hope you enjoy the added feature.

[title size=”2″]Rider/Trainer/Owner Data[/title]

We’ve recently fine-tuned the way ShowGrounds syncs and stores data updates for riders, trainer, owners, and horses, whether the change is made in the show office or online. For making edits to riders, trainers, or owners, the membership info, tax ID, and social security number fields have been adjusted. When edits are made to horse data, sex and height is required, and new fields have been added. We also now encourage online users to update any missing information during the entry process.

[title size=”2″]New USEF-Non-member form[/title]

In an effort to save office staffers valuable time, we have added a new report titled “USEF Non-member form (NEW)”. This report has a new layout and can print multiple exhibitors on the same page. Each one has its own section.

[title size=”2″]New Search Tool[/title]

We created a search tool for the Divisions section of the ShowGrounds software. The new search tool allows for searching by Division Name, by Code, by Class, by Day, and by Ring.

[title size=”2″]New Shows Online — Citrus Series[/title]

ShowGroundsLive has acquired new client James Lala of Lalaland Productions, who is running the Citrus Series shows year-round. The Citrus Series is a monthly hunter, jumper and equitation show series held at Jim Brandon Equestrian Center in Wellington, FL. The mission of Citrus Series is to offer developing horses and riders a competitive setting where they learn, grow, and progress.

[title size=”2″]Minor Changes and Bug Fixes[/title]

  1. Show companies can now obtain licenses to create shows that are one year into the future.
  2. Fixed a bug that was causing duplicate records of payment methods.
  3. Fixed a bug with the Scheduler/Ring Status and the “actual start time.”