[title size=”2″]News[/title]

No rest for the weary here at ShowGrounds! Read on for important updates to: Medical Holds, Rapid Class Add/Drop tool, Circuit Divisions and Standings, Class Detail changes, as well as minor bug fixes through v.4.01.91.


[title size=”2″]”Medical Hold” feature added[/title]

  • On RTO Detail, we recently added a Medical Hold feature. Clicking this “Put On Hold” button will offer the options of Credit Hold, Medical Hold, and Reason. A user can remove the hold as needed.
  • If a person on Medical Hold is added as a rider, a message will be displayed to confirm the add.
  • If a class is added for a rider on Medical Hold, an alert is displayed but the class is still added.
  • The Rapid Add/Drop tool also supports Medical Hold features.
  • On ShowGroundsLive.com and the iOS app, a person on Medical Hold cannot be added to an entry. Similarly, Class Add/Drop is also not allowed.
  • We also added a Search option for Medical Holds


[title size=”2″]Rapid Class Add/Drop tool changes[/title]

These changes were made to increase efficiency and ease for staff:

  1. After adding classes, the entry number is now added in the status area.
  2. If a class is already added to an entry, we now warn (in the status area) and return cursor to the entry box.
  3. Status is consistently given when adding classes using division code.
  4. Fixed a bug for adding riders.


[title size=”2″]Circuit Divisions and Standings[/title]

A number of changes were made to the Circuit Divisions and Standings, including:

  • We now allow multiple users to access the same Circuit Standings record. The user who is looking at the “locked” record will not be able to edit any data or recalculate the standings. Similarly, the Circuit Division is also accessible to multiple users, with the same restriction.
  • The Circuit Division input form is also now resizable. On the tab of the input form, there is now a slider to allow the top and bottom regions of the tabs to be resized.
  • We added the ability to print the standings report for selected Circuit Division.
  • Previously, the circuit standings export included all participants in a division. We created the ability to eliminate standings that have either zero points or zero dollars.
  • We fixed a bug that was inaccurately assigning championship and reserve placements within Divisions.


[title size=”2″]Class Detail changes[/title]

You can now enter non-numeric values in the R1 Time and J/O Time for Jumpers and Score 1 for Hunters. Please note that entering the non-numeric value will set the round as disqualified.


[title size=”2″]Minor Bugs/Small Changes[/title]

  1. We integrated our software to accommodate new timing parameters — including an awesome new countdown feature before the live count begins!
  2. On ShowGroundsLive.com, we added a naming rule of “trainer accounts” for searching entries by numbers, not horse names, that are associated with specific trainers.
  3. We created the ability to suppress information about prize money and rollback details on printed invoices. The original prize money awarded and the rollback does not print but newly applied prize money does.
  4. Fixed 3 membership bugs: “green” active statuses for USEF/USHJA; “yellow” status for overrides, and issue with “invalid” membership searches.
  5. Fixed a bug on the Favorites feature of the iOS app
  6. Made sure completed classes are marked as such once results are verified
  7. Stopped logging web activity and mass fees to Notes field and moved it to log History. Added in-gate “adds” and “class list” updates to History log.
  8. Disallowed selectable horse / horse + rider combo / rider
  9. Created ability to keep dialog box open in Class Rules
  10. Created ability to search by e-mail addresses
  11. Prompts fixed for tax IDs on file without social security numbers
  12. Fixed a bug so stagger lists on in-gate are displayed accurately when a group has more than three classes in a ring
  13. Fixed a bug for USEF exports that were missing horse name info