Every month, our software team is working hard to create features that improve your horse show management experience. Read on for tons of great new changes, including: Adding an Entry to a Series! Updates to RTOs; Warmup/Classic Rounds — and more!

This release note covers details through Version 4.02.18.

[title size=”2″]New on SGL! Add an Entry to a Series[/title]

Online users now have the ability to create an entry and add it to a whole series. For example, if someone was entering a show called Autumn Classic 3, there would be options to add that entry to the other shows in that series, for example, Autumn Classic 4 through 8, by simply checking off the shows desired.

To enable this feature so it works on ShowGroundsLive.com, go to:

Show Series (File -> Open Area -> Show Series) and open the record you want to enable.

  1. Check “Allow Add Entry to Series from Web.” This will enable the feature for all shows in the series.
  2. If you want the user to be automatically entered in the same classes in future shows of the series then check the option “Add Classes from Web.”
  3. Similarly, for auto applying supplies in future shows, you need to select “Add Fee From Web.”
  4. If you want to skip any show in the series from online entries you need to open the Show Record, go to the Web tab and select the option “Disallow Add Entry to Series on Web.”

When a user is creating an entry, a step is added where he or she can choose to add future shows in the series to the entry.

The show office can choose to indicate that the series uses this feature by making a note on its show company home page on ShowGroundsLive.com.

When users receive their schedule e-mails, the entries entered in a series is indicated.


[title size=”2″]RTO Changes, Log History, and Searching[/title]

  • We updated the search feature! It now looks up any part of a Last Name or a First Name.
  • We made some changes in RTOs, including adding a field for “Farm” in the Trainer and Rider sections.
  • When searching in Entries, please note: We created the ability to identify entries with duplicate fees. We added “has multiple” or “has duplicate” to the drop-down menu that currently says “has/is missing.”
  • We added more logging to the Change History. For example, changes in name or changes in status from “individual” to “farm,” even when this occurs from a USEF lookup, is recorded.
  • Changes in USEF value are also now logged in the RTO’s change history. For instance, “John Smith’s USEF membership changed from XYZ to PDQ.”
  • We enabled the ability to add a new RTO as “Other” for prize money receipt.


[title size=”2″]Warmups Leaving you Cold?[/title]

Please read on for some info on how Warmup and Classic Rounds are handled now:

  • On Class Detail, we added a check box for Open Card, and radio buttons for “Warmup” and “Classic.”
  • On the In-gate, the Warmup classes will continue to work as they have been. For the Classic classes, the trips will be listed in all class groups.
  • Trips remaining of Classic classes will appear in all groups they are scheduled in and will be included in total count.

This new streamlining will better clarfiy start times in the schedule e-mails sent out to participants.


[title size=”2″]Simple Scheduler Update[/title]

We implemented a history tool as an additional tab in the Simple Scheduler. It details changes made to the scheduler, when, and by which user. Enjoy!


[title size=”2″]USHJA Membership Search[/title]

When users do a Quick Search, AKA  “Missing USEF Membership” missing USHJA memberships now also show up! This is done for Horse, Rider, Trainer and Owner of the Entries.


[title size=”2″]Small Changes and Bug Fixes [/title]

  1. Addressed slow credit card transaction processing time.
  2. Fixed a bug where barn name would “disappear” from list and entry.
  3. Fixed a bug in in-gate tool stagger list not “clicking over” properly and displaying too small.
  4. Adjusted the way Order of Go works for riders who are in  class with mutiple horses yet with requirements of spacing between trips.