A new feature allows you to cancel classes in the system.  When canceling a class the following happens:

  1. All entries are removed from the class – This removes them from the class and removes charges for the class.
  2. Class cannot be added any longer – You can no longer add an entry to the class from ShowGrounds or on the web using ShowGroundsLive.com.
  3. Class is removed from Ring Status altogether.
  4. Class is marked as Canceled on Show Schedule.
  5. Class is marked as Canceled on Class Detail Page.

Steps to Cancel A Class:

  1. Open Simple Scheduler
  2. Select Class Group to cancel
  3. Click “Cancel” button

After Cancel is Complete

  1. View from Show Schedule Page
  2. View From Ring Status Page – Expanded View ONLY
  3. View in Class List View
  4. View from Announcer Tool