[title size=”2″]Classes[/title]

  1. Have placing templates, placings, prize money, points been set?
  2. Class price set?
  3. Type (flat, over-fences)?
  4. Are classes in divisions? To verify, open “Shows.” Hit PRINT. Select “Show Set – Class Verification”

[title size=”2″]Division[/title]

  1. Are division prices set up where needed?
  2. Are classes assigned to their divisions?

[title size=”2″]Fees[/title]

  1. Are all fees added?
  2. Are prices correct?
  3. Are checkboxes correct? To verify, open “Shows.” Hit PRINT. Select “Show Setup – Fee Verification”

[title size=”2″]Facilities[/title]

  1. Create at least one facility

[title size=”2″]Show Setup — first tab[/title]

  1. Facility – Make sure it’s set
  2. Default start time
  3. Number rings
  4. Secretary name, number, manager name, number
  5. Require SSN for prize money


[title size=”2″]Show Setup — fees tab[/title]



[title size=”2″]Schedule[/title]

Make Sure Show Schedule is Set

  1. Open Classes
  2. Wheel -> Simple Scheduler
  3. Setup Schedule