This release note covers details through Version 4.02.41.

[title size=”2″]Welcome, New Customers![/title]

We’d like to welcome Split Rock Jumping Tour to the ShowGrounds family. They’ll be running two shows a year in Kentucky, starting May 22.

Also new to the ShowGrounds family is Equivents at Far and Away Farm in Ohio. They’ll be running five shows, starting May 10!

Lastly, we’re pleased to announce that the Boise Saddle and Jump Club will be using the ShowGrounds software for their two shows in Idaho.


[title size=”2″]New on![/title]

We’ve been hard at work at ShowGrounds on integrating video production. You can get a taste of the video integration by checking out some of the videos displayed at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL. View at and select Videos from the ShowGrounds navigation:


[title size=”2″]New Feature: Team Scoring[/title]

Great development for 2015: We have implemented a team scoring feature. This will allow us to live score major events, like the Nations Cup, as well as other team jumper events. This type of team scoring is displayed on for live classes, with integration from the in-gate/announcer tool, as well as the show office.


[title size=”2″]Some Software Updates that Make Your Life Easier[/title]

  • In Entries: we created the ability to search for entries with duplicate fees. We added “has multiple” or “has duplicate” to the drop down that currently says “has/is missing.”
  • When Verifying entries, the entries are now listed in the order they were keyed in/verified, NOT in numerical order.
  • We cleaned up the Wheel by deleting “extra” stuff that was more commonly accessed elsewhere.
  • Circuits: We added the ability to search for a range of classes when adding divisions, as well as a new Record Saving feature so data is automatically saved.
  • Setting up a new show: When making new classes it now Auto Defaults to O/F class.
  • Setting up Classes: Once sponsor name is entered, it will apply to all following classes until it’s changed. Same for Section Codes, Class Height, Type of Class.
  • Please note: Users must set the Max Class Size Rule with the Class. This rule is now implemented on web as well.
  • Created a new report when an entry form has the “photography or videography” checkbox option
  • Created a Unapplied Prize Money report based on RTOs.
  • Continued work on IRS Tax Witholding feature for foreign participants


[title size=”2″]In-gate/Announcer Updates[/title]

  • Created the ability for Hunter classes to be sortable & enabled Drag/Drop/Save in Trips remaining
  • We now display the jumper table for selected class on with set Order of Go
  • Added a California Split for Announcer Interface. We added a “Cali Split” button to any SCORED Hunter or Jumper class that displays an “unofficial result” online and in the Announcer Interface. We use this tool when we have a very large number of entries (classes of 40-200 participants). We also added an “apply Cali Split” and ability to “clear Cali Split” within this tool.
  • When In-gate users are quickly checking off trips, we now alert them and log the instances.


[title size=”2″]Other Cool Software Updates[/title]

  • We now display the Year a horse was born, not its calculated age, across the board. Reports and exports are also updated, including Order of Go Reports, Export order of go, and Entry Blank Reports.
  • When using the split entries screen, we have created an entry count — to calculate how many records are on the list. This feature is often used to add on fees to multiple entries.
  • Added a “print date” on entry blanks so when there are multiple entry blanks in a folder, it is possible to see when it was generated
  • We have added two class rules types — 1) Same Day Scratch Rule and 2) Scheduled Day Fee. You will need to apply these rules to Classes wherever needed.


[title size=”2″]Small fixes[/title]

  1. Corrected display of suspended USEF members.
  2. Tweaked printing capabilities for both online and in-office results, reports, and entries
  3. Fixed bug so Barn Names attach to trainers for online entries
  4. Fixed bug on Class List Report
  5. Fixed bug with curser returning to search box after closing a record
  6. Updated the Payment Detail Report (summarized by type)