View Payment Details From Entry

You can now Double Click a Payment Record in the list of payments on an entry to view details about [...]

View Payment Details From Entry2012-04-23T17:56:25+00:00

Entering SecureNet Settings into ShowGrounds

Setting Up ShowGrounds with SecureNet Payment Gateway ShowGrounds provides integration with a number of Credit Card Gateway providers. In order [...]

Entering SecureNet Settings into ShowGrounds2012-04-18T18:48:47+00:00

Setting your Default Invoice

To set your default invoice for printing purposes, please follow the below steps:   File Menu > Administration Edit System [...]

Setting your Default Invoice2009-04-16T13:55:43+00:00

Charge a Deposit for Web Entries

To charge your exhibitors a deposit for their entry when entering via Please login to the client. Click 'Shows' [...]

Charge a Deposit for Web Entries2008-06-18T12:05:31+00:00