The Quick-Action Wheel

The Quick-Action Wheel is located at the top, right hand corner of each window. Within each module, different Quick Actions [...]

The Quick-Action Wheel2008-08-13T16:23:56+00:00

Specific Entry Searches

In Entries List View, please either choose the 'Search' icon at the top of the screen, or type command-F for [...]

Specific Entry Searches2008-08-01T15:39:53+00:00

Rapid Class Add Drop

To do multiple class add/drops for many entries, we suggest using our 'Rapid Class Add/Drop' tool.

Rapid Class Add Drop2008-08-01T15:14:53+00:00

Rapid Entry Fee Input

From Entries List View, please choose 'Rapid Fee Input' from the Quick Action Wheel. A subset does not need to [...]

Rapid Entry Fee Input2008-08-01T14:58:13+00:00

Changing Fee Amounts

Q.) Entries have been entered in my show, with fees. I would like to change the amount of a fee [...]

Changing Fee Amounts2008-08-01T14:33:30+00:00
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