Data Entry – We keep it fast!

We’re like you, we hate monotonous data entry, who doesn’t? So wherever we find tasks that are difficult for you to do, we find ways to make it faster, better, more efficient. Check out this small list of tools our customers use every day to get things done quickly.



Keeping the Show Entry process fast is number one.

Here are just a few things to make putting in entries fast!

  • Any number of default fees

  • Fast look-up of horses and people

  • Direct instant integration with USEF and Equine Canada

  • Instant membership validation

  • Built-in checklist for required items

  • One-click scratch feature

Rapid Add/Drop

Adding classes and removing classes from entries is traditionally a task that many offices spend a lot of time doing. We simplify this in several ways.

  • Rapid Add/Drop Tool – For lightning-fast data entry

  • Web Page Adds and Drops – Self-service portal allows exhibitors to do this from anywhere, safely and securely

  • iOS-based Adds and Drops – Now they can just do it right from their phone

Check out Multiple Entries EASILY

Checkout time is usually one of the busiest times in a show office. We try to make it smooth and efficient. Our checkout tools include:

  • Take a single payment applied to multiple entries

  • Transfer credit balances from one entry to another easily

  • Direct integration with credit card processing

  • Get credit card authorizations at EVERY desk typically in under 1 second

  • Self-service checkout on

  • Self-service checkout on iOS Application