Changing Organization Lists

The Organization table located in Entries, RTO's, and Horses, may be modified to your choosing for organizational priority. For instance, [...]

Changing Organization Lists2009-04-16T15:56:32+00:00

Fee Checkboxes – What do they do?

Every fee record has a number of checkboxes associated with it.  This article describes the importance of these checkboxes and [...]

Fee Checkboxes – What do they do?2009-04-16T14:44:24+00:00

Setting your Default Invoice

To set your default invoice for printing purposes, please follow the below steps:   File Menu > Administration Edit System [...]

Setting your Default Invoice2009-04-16T13:55:43+00:00

ShowGroundsLive New Results and Standings results are  organized into "Browse" (all divisions and classes), "Daily Results," "Show Champions," and "Circuit Standings." By navigating to [...]

ShowGroundsLive New Results and Standings2009-04-15T15:53:22+00:00

Ingate Tool: Ability to Change Times

ShowGrounds offers the ability for Ingate personnel to edit class scheduling information. By clicking on the ‘Schedule’ tab within the [...]

Ingate Tool: Ability to Change Times2009-04-15T15:12:08+00:00
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