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Release Notes 9-29-2014

Below are release notes through Version 4.02.11. [title size="2"]Promoting Your Facility![/title]Please send us pictures of your grounds and we'll add [...]

Release Notes 9-29-20142014-09-29T16:55:39+00:00

Release Notes 8-29-14

Please read on for information about updates through Version 4.02.07   [title size="2"]Updating credit cards on the back end[/title] Office [...]

Release Notes 8-29-142014-08-29T19:07:40+00:00

Release Notes 7-15-14

[title size="2"]Division/Class Analysis Report[/title] In order to better serve show companies, we created a new Division/Class Analysis report, which can [...]

Release Notes 7-15-142014-07-15T18:40:40+00:00

Release Notes 5-21-14

[title size="2"]A Strong Spring for ShowGrounds[/title] Cool stuff going on here.... We're pleased to welcome  new clients this year, including [...]

Release Notes 5-21-142014-05-21T18:01:29+00:00

Release Notes 3-31-14

[title size="2"]News[/title] No rest for the weary here at ShowGrounds! Read on for important updates to: Medical Holds, Rapid Class [...]

Release Notes 3-31-142014-03-31T18:54:12+00:00

Release Notes 3-14-14

[title size="2"]Lots of news![/title] Read on for information on updates to our software, live website, and iOS app through version [...]

Release Notes 3-14-142014-03-07T19:46:07+00:00

Release Notes 2-10-14

2014 has just begun, and it's been very busy. Please read on for recent news on Live hunter classes, changes [...]

Release Notes 2-10-142014-02-03T18:59:48+00:00

Release notes 1-1-14 to 1-14-14

Since the start of the new year we've had 4 version updates with a number of changes.  Please read below [...]

Release notes 1-1-14 to 1-14-142014-01-21T19:05:14+00:00

Release Notes December 2013

[title size="1"]Release Notes December 2013[/title] Happy New Year! The following notes cover updates through the end of 2013 and our [...]

Release Notes December 20132013-12-31T19:34:04+00:00

Release Notes November 2013

[title size="1"]Web-based Order of Go, credit card storage, and more[/title] We've got great new features to announce from ShowGrounds! Read [...]

Release Notes November 20132013-11-01T23:51:23+00:00
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