Below are release notes through Version 4.02.11.

[title size=”2″]Promoting Your Facility![/title]Please send us pictures of your grounds and we’ll add them to’s home page. You can e-mail them to:



[title size=”2″]CHANGES to Publishing Your Show On the Web:[/title]

Please use the following instructions to publish upcoming shows on

1. Go to “Shows”
2. Open the show you would like published online
3. Click the “Publish Show on Web”  button (it appears above all the tabs):

4. Tick through the checklist to ensure you haven’t missed any key components:

5. Click “Publish”

6. Then hit “Save”:

After a few moments your show will appear on


[title size=”2″]Hunter Scoring[/title]

We continue to finetune and adjust details for scoring hunter classes. Here are some of the latest updates. More to come!

  • We now display more details for entries in the “trip details box” to the right of the announcer tool. This will help announcers identify who is who in combined classes.
  • We created the ability for users to select whether or not they want the scores to be totaled or averaged.
  • When a score is zero, the numeral 0 is now used in the announcer tool (instead of being blank or with a hyphen), as well as online and on the app.
  • We added additional scoring boxes to the Hunter Scoring tool. There is now another row for scoring, so now up to 6 figures can be totaled.
  • The “trips remaining section” is now sortable in each column.
  • We fixed a bug that was preventing a change in rider to be saved.


[title size=”2″]Software Updates[/title]

  1. Every 10th row on the Judges Cards is now lightly shaded. Go to Classes -> Print Judges Cards.
  2. We changed the layout of the Ordering tool on the web. The trips are listed side by side instead of top to bottom.
  3. We tweaked invoices so that specific horse show names print as well. If “all shows” is selected,  then each invoice will print with the respective show title at the top.
  4. We also modified Entry Blanks so the appropriate show name will print. This is per each entry blank (per each show), even if multiple horse shows are selected.
  5. We retooled the way sales tax is charged online, so it accurately reflects what is required in the show office.
  6. Feeling tech-savvy? Then you’ll be glad to know that we have converted all our ALP to Listboxes. We also fully integrated to PostageApp.


[title size=”2″]What’s new on[/title]

Well, we’ve added the following awesome features:

  • On the home page, Recent and Upcoming Shows has a new look. Check it out!
  • The Nomination Rule has been implemented during the Add Entry process so it is viewable right away and there is no wait for syncing.
  • The Scheduled Day Fee  and Master Fee rules have also been implemented online.
  • Made a tiny tweak so that the “Live Class” box closes when a user clicks outside of the area.
  • We added a small but legible “key” to explain highlighted areas on show schedule.