Please read on for information about updates through Version 4.02.07


[title size=”2″]Updating credit cards on the back end[/title]

Office staffers now can easily update or change information in Entries (including names and address changes) without being required to enter an entry’s credit card number.

Users will be asked to enter a credit card number only when they change a card’s expiration date. Additionally, when editing the credit card, the credit card number and expiration fields are now locked — and a lock icon is displayed.

You will need to click on the icon to unlock these fields. This is done to indicate to the office user that they don’t need to put in the card number to make any changes.


[title size=”2″]Requiring memberships[/title]

Based on the settings selected in show setup, now alerts online users that certain memberships are needed to enter a show or add a class:


[title size=”2″]Printing Show Schedules from Website[/title]

When printing show schedules from, we have enabled black and white printers (not just color) the ability to print both the day and the numerical date.


[title size=”2″]Software updates[/title]

  1. In Entries, we disabled the ability to “tab” and “shift + tab” to the “time allowed” to prevent accidental changes to the “time allowed.” We also assessed entry reports system-wide and made adjustments per customer preferences. Please let us know if you have any needs with your company’s entry blanks.
  2. The “Jumper Level” from class records now prints on the Judges card. This had appeared on labels but not on the cards. We also streamlined the layout of the Judges cards so numbers go across and then drop down.
  3. USEF updates were made — including automated access to horse gender and an update on USEF division codes.
  4. We did multiple improvements to reports, including the Class List Report, Stabling by Trainer report,  Prize Money Summary Report.
  5. We’ve modified the Entry Blanks and Invoices to make them company-specific.


[title size=”2″]Small Bug Fixes[/title]

  1. We added a note on the Add/Drop screen online and on iOS that states “Additional Riders must be added through the show office.”
  2. We fixed a bug in the system that occurred in Classes when trying to “Export Order”
  3. Fixed a bug with Fee Splits.
  4. Fixed a runtime error on Entry Input.
  5. Fixed a bug in Division Price change.