Release Notes JuLY 2013

Release Notes

Summer shows are in full swing and ShowGrounds is right there with you! Here are the latest changes to ShowGrounds software. As a reminder, you should now be operating on Version 4.01.38.

New Features

Class Signups for Warm-up Rounds

Our software now handles class signups for warm-up rounds — in the office, online, and on the app! These changes are fairly complex but, suffice to say, it will provide a more consistent experience for users online.
If you’re really geeky the details are below:
  • A participant must sign up for a warm-up in the group where he has non-warm-up trips. If the participant is in the warm-up round, we only allow him to sign up for that round in the main group where his primary trips are occurring.
  • If a participant is in the primary classes of multiple groups AND in the warm-up, then we allow her to sign up for the warm-up in either UNTIL she has done the sign up, then she would be tied to that group and not available in the other group.
  • If the participant has loose warm-up rounds, he would be able to sign up in either group until he’s completed the signup.
  • In addition to these changes, we will report this data in paper (class signup sheet) and on the Web. We will determine which trips to include based on the above AND for warm-up rounds. We will exclude those warm-up rounds from the other class signup sheets that include that warm-up class.
  • The Signup Sheet (Class Group) is updated and now includes trips as you explained above. The changes on Ring page to exclude warm-up trips is forthcoming.

Export Show Schedule options

Export Show Schedule now includes the options to export individual class trip counts, start time, and end time of classes. The export settings are also saved for the users so the next exports loads the previous saved settings.

Go to Classes>the wheel>Export Show Schedule:


Account Transaction Reports

We have added the ability to export account transaction details for all Riders, Trainers, and Owners for a given time period.

Go to RTO’s>the wheel>select Export Account Register

Batch Payments

We’ve made a round of improvements to payment batches. Namely, prize money recipient addresses are now printed on the checks, making it easy to slip into a window envelope. In addition, check numbers can now be edited right on the software.
Go to RTO’s>the wheel>Payment Batches

We are at the start of some very exciting and important changes to how we handle credit card data. There will be much more on this to come, but for now we are announcing that we are working with the platform to dramatically enhance our payment processing capabilities.

For Show Management, you can expect the following over the next month or so.

1. Dramatic Expansion of our supported gateways. We will go from supporting 4 gateways to 50 or so.

2. PCI Compiant, Gateway Independant Credit Card Vault — Our new partner will allow us to store cards in a secure manner for future charges. When this is in place we will be moving all cards to this vault, and expunging the data from 4D. This is a requirement for us.

3. Allowing multiple payment methods per RTO — We currently only store one card on file. We will be able to store an unlimited number of cards per person.

4. Allowing (even requiring) that online entries come in with a valid form of payment, even if you don’t require deposits.

For customers, we are also introducing a number of exciting features:

1. Access to stored cards during entry process or checkout process — Currently we never store card information on We will now be able to do this securely, which will allow customers to access their cards and use them to put in entries or make payments.

2. Payment method portability — We will also be allowing customers to use their cards to make payments at any show facility. This will make it much simpler for a customer to make payments at a show company they haven’t attended in the past.

As part of the expansion of our payment services we have immediate availability of the gateway for processing payments. We’re very excited about Stripe and believe it makes a great processor for many smaller organizations or smaller shows.

Scoreboard integration

We have made some technical improvements to support a Daktronix Galaxy 32X128 scoreboard.

Enhancements to Live Class page

We have made some enhancements to how information is viewed for live class results. On the class detail page, we now display jump detaiis when a person “rolls over” the information with a mouse or views info on a touch screen.

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

Below are a list of small changes made in the system.

1. For prize money templates, we changed the option to sort the list of templates alpabetically.

2. We tweaked the wording of e-mail confirmations for add/drops for better clarity.

3. We corrected some labels on the in-gate points tables.

4. Fixed the “Forgot Password” link on

5. Fixed error messages on new same-day scratch rule.

6. Fixed compatibility problem with add/drops in Chrome.

7. Fixed bug with QuickBooks exporting.

8. Fixed a bug that was displaying a trainer’s entries inconsistently.

9. Fixed a bug that had reserve champtions listed above champions.