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We have more than two decades of software-writing experience and currently serve equestrian clients in the U.S. and Canada. We help you run your shows more efficiently, saving you and your clients time and money.

Our software is designed to make the back office a simpler, easier place to manage shows, money, and improve customers’ experiences. We provide fast online entry for participants, live results, and quick checkout, for the office AND the show competitors.

They’re happy. You’re happy. We’re happy too!

Amazing Software

Running equestrian events is complex. Learn how our entire platform supports your shows year-round — from the office to in-gate staff to riders.

Exhibitor Tools

Our interactive website, ShowGroundsLive.com, handles 99% of exhibitors questions. Class add/drops. Orders of Go. Live ring status. Now available on iOS app!

We’re Your Partner

ShowGrounds uses solid technology in line with the newest advances. We go beyond traditional tech support — we customize your software and tailor it to what you want.

As part of our new Scoring system (SRN) we now have integration for FarmTeck timers into the ShowGrounds platform. With our Timing Node you get:

  • Automatic accurate time recording
  • Live timer integration when using our Scoreboard Display Node
  • Live timer on live class pages
  • Simple setup