Check it out! This release note covers details through Version 4.02.19.

[title size=”2″]New on Got Prize Lists?[/title]

Show companies can now upload documents to appear on their landing page. Prize lists, entry blanks — and more! These can be in PDF, Excel, Word, etc. Here’s an example from South Florida Hunter Jumper Association, where the 2014 Charity Prize List is located under Documents:

To take advantage of this cool new feature, go to a new admin function on called “Manage Documents.”

This allows anyone designated as a Show Company Admin to add/edit/and delete documents.

The document can appear on a specific show page — or it can appear on the landing page of all shows. We are working to tailor this feature to a specific series as well.


[title size=”2″]Foreign Citizens in Entries[/title]

Available only in the back-office software, ShowGrounds has added the option to mark foreign residents during the entry process. If doing an entry in the office, just check “Foreign Resident” below:


[title size=”2″]Setting Orders of Go[/title]

We’ve received reports from in-gate users that they really like the side-by-side layout of our new Order of Go tool!

More good news: The side-by-side lists of trips remaining and ordered trips will increase (it shows 20-30 before needing to scroll). Also, we’re making sure that the list continues to scroll as a new trip is added. Enjoy — and keep the feedback coming!

Next up on our list is correcting an issue with dragging and dropping when using Safari and confirming that single trips interweave properly.


[title size=”2″]Exporting to BCHJA[/title] For show companies exporting to British Columbia Hunter Jumper Association, we have added the division codes to the export.  Now when an export is executed, the following fields are included: Show / Horse / Competitor Number / Owner / Rider / Division code / Class Number / Class Name / Placing / Entries In Class / Pony Size / Birthdate / Trainer