[title size=”2″]Busy spring and summer for ShowGrounds[/title]

This release note covers details through Version 4.02.56.


[title size=”2″]Welcome, Angelstone Tournaments![/title]

We are pleased to welcome new client Angelstone Tournaments to the ShowGrounds family. They offer seven weeks of eventing in July and August.




[title size=”2″]Adding Entry to Series Completed[/title]

ShowGrounds recently created a feature that show companies can elect to use — the option to allow exhibitors to add a single entry to an entire series online. We have completed some finishing touches on this feature. Please see below:

  • In the Add to Series step, we added a column for the Suggested Amount for all future shows. The fields will be pre-filled with suggested amount, which will depend on the web deposit settings of each show. We will allow the user to enter any amount greater than the suggested amount. Note that the suggested amount can be $0.

Add to series

  • The Payment step will be displayed if the Current Show or any selected Show in the series has a deposit amount. We will display the Suggested Amount of current show as editable, the Series Deposit amount from steps above, and the Total Deposit, which is the sum of current show deposit and series deposit.

payment for series


  • If there are no future shows selected, then the Payment step will remain as just the deposit amount field of current show.
  • When this Entry gets synced to 4D, the payment distribution will be added similar to the amounts displayed on web for each show.


[title size=”2″]A Variety of GREAT Updates You’ll Want to Use!![/title]

  • We recently enabled the Team Scoring option so it is available for both Hunter classes as well as Jumper classes. Check it out!
  • Splits – When splitting a feed and bedding fee, the software now allows user to indicate if it’s already delivered — very handy!
  • TONS more logging to the history tab of entries, including logging of origin of payments, payment reversals, entries added during class verification (as well as those that have scratched), and when trainer splits are applied to an account.
  • Made abbreviations of full names, so when a balance roll forward occurs, the description is not cut off.
  • You can now set the Fee Print Order from the Show. Open the Show record and Go to Fee tab then drag/drop to set the order. The Fee will be printed using this order on the Invoice. If there is no order set, then the Fee is printed alpha-sorted by Category Name.


[title size=”2″]Changes to Reports / New Reports[/title]

ShowGrounds has created new reports and fixed some little bugs with others. Please see below.

  1. New Report: for Entries that elect to be photographed
  2. New Report: The RTO – Count Report gives stats on the number of riders, owners, trainers and the state/province they hail from
  3. New Report: Fee Summary Report [Revenue vs Income]
  4. New Report: Feed Order Delivery Report
  5. Modified the report Payment Detail (Summarized by Type) to include card types
  6. Fixed the “Order Of Go” report so it prints all of the digits of a 4-digit class number.  This also solved a fix for FEI class reports.
  7. Fixed reports that were being cut off when printing
  8. Added an invoice# column to the Fee Detail Report by entry number
  9. Fixed a bug in multiple reports for listing Credits under $1.00
  10. Updated Report Labels to be compatible with Windows 8.1 for printing purposes
  11. Stabling Summary Report: Fixed column totalling and also displays longer fees names properly
  12. Added an alternate report style for Champions chart

Please write to us at support@showgroundslive.com for any questions about reports!


[title size=”2″]Small fixes[/title]

  1. Fixed a bug with EC lookups for verifying horse status
  2. Changed Class Day Export from txt to csv
  3. Modified Horse FEI Number in FEI expo
  4. Corrected a bug with the Credit Hold tool
  5. Paper-saving fix so less paper is wasted when printing invoices
  6. Fixed a bug with Equine Canada
  7. Made ListEditor changes