Error messages

[title size="2"]Getting an error message?[/title] Save all work and quit out of ALL CLients.  Quit and restart the server. If [...]

Error messages2015-07-17T13:49:56+00:00

System Requirements

[title size="2"]Server Requirements[/title] We highly recommend a dedicated server (a machine not used as a workstation by a user).  This [...]

System Requirements2014-03-18T17:54:45+00:00

Beta Testing iOS App

Hi.  You've probably ended up at this page because we've invited you to participate in a Beta release of our [...]

Beta Testing iOS App2014-02-04T17:07:09+00:00

Farmtek – Polaris Configuration

Using the farmtek polaris timer requires basic configuration of the timer equipement to prepare it to send data to ShowGrounds. [...]

Farmtek – Polaris Configuration2013-03-26T20:17:44+00:00
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