Remote Desktop Node

Your Alternative to a Ringside Laptop.


The average ingate-use laptop costs anywhere from $500-$600. The RDS Node is less than $200 and can be permanently installed in the desired location and functions the same!


Our Remote Desktop Nodes are built to be rugged, withstanding the most the ring can throw at it! Even during a major storm, these units can be left outside with confidence. Our device is designed to prevent the risk of damage, unlike a laptop; the computer is protected in a more impact resistant box.


The RDS Node is not publicly displayed as a computer, so it is less likely to be stolen or compromised. In tandem, these devices are wired into your network, making it more reliable where Wi-Fi breaks down.

Our Remote Desktop Node is designed to be the perfect “thin” client allowing your shows to keep your exhibitors informed with up-to-date information and keep your event running smoothly. These boxes are designed to be permanently installed and withstand the harsh environment as well as bad weather.

Combined with your existing Windows Remote Desktop Server this flexible platform provides a low cost and durable option versus the cost of laptops.

With a cost of under $200 these devices can’t be beat with support for two displays. One for your ingate staff and another to provide real time information to exhibitors.


ShowGrounds provides constant monitoring via VNC, which means we can assist with any support-related questions that may arise.


The RDS Node has a very simple remote configuration process, including a QR code. It is easily connected to your desktop server and can be installed ringside for your convenience! We also offer easy-to-follow step by step instructions on how to build and assemble the plywood boxes that house the monitors for these ingate computers.


This setup eliminates lag and server “chatter” by use of your remote server.