The User Roles module was developed within our web site as a way to provided more granular security for users on the  This is used to by us to give administrators at show companies the ability set permissions for their employees.  Once a show company has an administrator with this ability they can for instance allow a user to use the Web-baed Order of Go tool.

Roles – There are several roles that can be set.  At present only a few of these are used.

  1. Show Company Admin – This is a user or users at a show company that has the greatest amount of control.  This type of user can set up other users for their show company.
  2. Ingate/Announcer – This type of user can use the web-based order of go tool to set orders for some or all shows.
  3. Secretary – Currently not used
  4. Show Management – Currently not used
  5. Show Administrator – Currently not used

To give a user a role for a show company follow the following steps

  1. Login as a Show Company Administrator – If you currently don’t have these permissions and think you should contact
  2. Select User Roles from new Admin Functions on left navigation
  3. Click “Add” to add a new user role
  4. Enter email address of the user that will have the new permissions.  If they are not a current user they MUST REGISTER FIRST.
  5. If they are a user their name will appear.
  6. Select Role
  7. Select All Shows if they have this privilege for any event, or select the individual shows they have this permission for.