This page defines the terms of service for utilizing the ShowGrounds software as well as the web portal for your equestrian events.


  1. Show Days – A show day is defined as any day with events scheduled for the show.   If the day is included in the show schedule then it is considered a show day.
  2. Maximum Entries – The maximum entries allowed in a show based on your license includes ALL entries in the show.  For this count it will include entries used as Trainer Accounts as well as entries that are showing or not showing.
  3. Showing Entries – Any entry that is entered in a class in the show.
  4. End of the Show – The show is considered over at 12:01 AM the day after the last show day.

Show management responsibilities

Running a successful event requires best effort on behalf of both show management and ShowGrounds, LLC.  Below are the expectations for responsibilities for Show Management.

  1. Internet – An always-on internet connection will be available at any facility where shows are being run and is being made available.
  2. Internet Availability – The internet connection will be available from the local area network that all computers running ShowGrounds Server and Clients are running.
  3. Internet Performance – The internet connection will be fast enough to reasonably keep up with sync operations with If you have questions regarding this see the following Internet FAQ
  4. Provide computer workstations for office staff as needed
  5. Provide computer workstations for all in-gate staff (as needed)
  6. Network Maintenance – ShowGrounds, LLC is in no way responsible for the configuration or maintenance of the local area network.  Designing, building and maintaining the network is the sole responsibility of Show Management and any local vendor it chooses.
  7. Single Support Contact – Unless otherwise agreed, Show Management will provide a single point of contact for support related issues.

Licensing Fees

Unless otherwise agreed to all Licensing fees will be billed within 3 days of the conclusion of the show.  Bills will be calculated on the current rates as defined on our pricing page and as agreed to when the event was originally licensed.  Show Management agrees to

  1. Provide a secure means of payment (credit card) to be used to settle licensing fees when the show has completed.
  2. Provide written notification if there is a change in the credit card on file.
  3. Provide payment within 7 days of the end of the show, if credit card is not to be charged.


We recognize there can be costs associated with providing the level of service to your customers that is part of ShowGrounds and  We believe that this level of service has direct value to your customers.  ShowGrounds, LLC provides the option for Show Management to charge it’s exhibitor’s for the technology so long as the following criteria are met.

  1. Only showing entries are charged the fee
  2. All showing entries are charged the fee
  3. The fee does not exceed 2 times the cost being charged by ShowGrounds, LLC to show management (no more than a 100% markup)
  4. The fee is clearly labeled “ Fee” or “Technology Access Fee” or similar.

Failure to Pay Licensing Fees

If Show Management fails to keep it’s account current ShowGrounds, LLC may take any or all of the following actions at its discretion

  1. Deny access to both ShowGrounds Server and ShowGrounds Client software
  2. Remove any or all past shows from