Running ShowGrounds Server and ShowGrounds Client

ShowGrounds has two components.  First is the ShowGrounds Server software and second is ShowGrounds Client.  The server software acts as an application server and database.  The client application is the application you use for doing data entry.

Depending on your configuration these two programs may run on the same computer or on different computers.

We RECOMMEND that they run on separate computers.

Once the software is installed and database has been setup you need to start the software in a particular order and stop it in a particular order.

Starting ShowGrounds

1) Launch ShowGrounds Server – Simply double click the ShowGrounds Server icon on the desktop to start the server software

2) Start the client Software – Once the server is running you can start the ShowGrounds Client software.  Simply double click the icon on your desktop.

Stopping ShowGrounds

1) Quit ALL ShowGrounds Clients – Be sure to quit any ShowGrounds Client that is using the server BEFORE quitting the server software.  If you fail to do this YOU MAY LOSE WORK.

2) Once all clients have been quit you may quit ShowGrounds Server.  When you do so you will be prompted for how long until the server is stopped.  You may set this to zero minutes.