ShowGrounds maintains a set of “System” Labels that are our core labels that all customers use with the system.

We are periodically make changes to these Label formats. Unlike other parts of the system reports can be upgraded without us releasing a new version of the software. For the most part this is totally automated and transparent to you.

From time-to-time however we might make a small change to a report JUST for you or to fix a small problem urgently.

In this case it is always possible to update your reports manually whenever you need to.

First, you must have a working internet connection. Here are the steps.

  1. Open “Reports” on your palette
  2. Quick Action MenuUnder “Quick Actions” menu select “Update Report Labels”

IMPORTANT: The way ShowGrounds manages labels is different than other reports.  Once you choose to update labels you should receive the following message.

Once the ShowGrounds Server has completed the update (usually in under 1 minute).  You will receive a second dialog box.

As the dialog states you MUST quit your client (and any others connected to the server) in order for those clients to be able to use the updated label formats.