Every fee record has a number of checkboxes associated with it.  This article describes the importance of these checkboxes and how they work in the system.


  1. Stable Fee – Any fee that should be considered as a stabling related fee should have this checked.  This checkbox is used to determine stabling items purchased on various stabling reports
  2. Available For Web Ordering – If you wish to allow your customers the ability to order an item on the web during their new entry process OR using the Order Supplies option, then you must check this box.  Any item you don’t want ordered on the web should not have this checked.
  3. Feed Bedding Item – This checkbox can and should be used when an item needs to be delivered to your customer.  Typically these items would be shavings, feed and hay.  A feed delivery report will pick up any undelivered new items that have been ordered when printed and these reports base which items to look for on the Feed Bedding checkbox.
  4. Appear on Statement – Some statements and entry blank have a dynamic section that lists fees and their prices.  This checkbox controls if a fee will appear on the statement.
  5. Web Deposit Required – This is a powerful feature that ties into the automatic web deposit feature when users add a new entry at ShowGroundsLive.com.  By clicking this box users will be required to pay for any of that particular item during entry adds.  For example you may want to collect a deposit for stalls but not for shavings.