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ShowGrounds is more than a software program, though it is that.  It’s a combination of software, services, and technology that powers a whole platform.  A platform that helps you run your events more easily, more profitably, and more efficiently.



Fast Show Setup

Initial show setup can be time consuming on any system. We give you the tools to set up your shows quickly and easily, including the ability to create dedicated “template” shows or import complete show setups from one show to another.Learn More

Rapid Data Entry

We work hard to build tools that will work fast and efficiently for your staff. Check out the powerful tools that will keep your data entry to a minimum and keep things moving quickly.Learn More

Flexible Payments

Our system provides direct integration of credit card payments (and other types) at every user’s computer. Gone are the days of waiting to use the credit card terminal or manually entering charges. Learn more about the payment gateways we support and the ease with which you’ll get paid. Learn More

Enforcing Your Rules

Every company runs their show a little differently. ShowGrounds software is fully customizable to how your show operates.Learn More


We offer hundreds of options to generate business reports so you can keep track of everything.Learn More


Instant statuses for USEF and EC.Learn More

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ShowGrounds is packed with features. Keep reading for more details about all our great features or contact us today to talk to a real, live person!

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