Release Notes 3-31-14

[title size="2"]News[/title] No rest for the weary here at ShowGrounds! Read on for important updates to: Medical Holds, Rapid Class [...]

Release Notes 3-31-142014-03-31T18:54:12+00:00

System Requirements

[title size="2"]Server Requirements[/title] We highly recommend a dedicated server (a machine not used as a workstation by a user).  This [...]

System Requirements2014-03-18T17:54:45+00:00

Release Notes 3-14-14

[title size="2"]Lots of news![/title] Read on for information on updates to our software, live website, and iOS app through version [...]

Release Notes 3-14-142014-03-07T19:46:07+00:00
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